Document Type : Article


1 PhD Student in International Law, Islamic Azad University, Qom Branch, Qom, Iran

2 Hazrate-h Masoumeh University



In recent decades, violations of children's rights, especially in the area of armed conflict, have undermined the implementation of norms related to this vulnerable group. Children are exposed to killing, forced conscription, sexual exploitation and other abuses during hostilities, as exemplified by Sierra Leone, Congo and Rwanda. The purpose of this article, based on a descriptive-analytical approach, is to explain the judicial procedure created in the International Criminal Court and how to achieve criminal justice in relation to the crime of recruiting children. The results of the investigation indicate that the International Criminal Court in the case of Thomas Lubanga was convicted of child abuse in armed conflicts marked a new chapter in the development of jurisprudence and international accountability for disobedience in violation of the rights of the children. In this regard, by focusing on the issue of assigning criminal responsibility to children in case of committing a crime during hostilities, especially against the civilian population, along with the judicial procedure established by international judicial authorities, we can put an end to this sinister phenomenon and prosecute the perpetrators.


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