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Recent evolutions, due to the universality of Space activities and emerging the use of Nuclear power sources (NPS)  for travelling to deep space, has reached its peak since 4th of January 2004. Recently a project known as Prometheus which studies nuclear fission reactors is being done by (NASA). These reactors can provide the Propulsion needed for these journeys by producing thousands of Watts of electricity (we). As solar energy and other kinds of energies do not produce enough electricity for a journey to deep space.  Using (NPS) in USA and the Soviet Union started 40 years ago which was mostly in the form of (RTGs) and (RHGs).The aim of this article is to study the treaties and rules in international law especially international space law which are enforceable for space nuclear power sources. In this paper by applying an analytic -descriptive method of research, we are about to answer this question that what are the obligations and responsibilities of Committee on the peaceful uses of  outer space (COPUOS) and the states who are carrying out or licensing these kinds of space activities to prevent the potential risks?


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