Peer Review Process

Manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed by at least 2 reviewers as it follows:

Step One: Initial Screening of the Article by the Managing Editor

First, the managing editor screens the manuscript and decides whether it follows the style guidelines as explained in the Guide for Authors. If there is a problem in the manuscript or authors' details files or the manuscript does not conform to the Journal’s Aim Scope, it will be returned to the author for correction or completion, otherwise it will be sent to the Associate Editor.

Step Two: Manuscript Screening by the Associate Editor

If the manuscript is complete, the associate editor will recommend two reviewers, and the article will be sent to the editor-in-chief for preliminary review and selection of the reviewers. The authority to make the final decision about the manuscript entering the peer review process rests solely with the editor-in-chief.

Step Three: Selection of Reviewers by the Editor-in-Chief

When the two reviewers are designated by the editor-in-chief, the manuscript will be sent to reviewers.

Step Four: Preliminary Review by the Reviewers

If the reviewer considers him/ herself qualified, he/ she will agree to review the manuscript. As soon as one of the reviewers accepts reviewing the manuscript, the status of the article changes to "under review". If the reviewer does not want to review the manuscript for any reason, he/ she will refuse and the manuscript will be sent to another reviewer selected by the editor-in-chief.

Step Five: Detailed Review by the Reviewers

After agreeing to review the manuscript, the reviewers will study the manuscript carefully and give their opinion within a reasonable time in the form of one of the following four options: “acceptance”, “rejection”, “accept with minor revisions”, accept after major revisions”.

Step Six: Revision based on Reviewers Comments

If the article needs revisions based on reviewers’ comments, it will be returned to the author by the editor-in-chief. At this stage, the author must make the changes suggested by the reviewers. After the revision, the manuscript must be resubmitted to be reviewed by the reviewers. The manuscript may eventually be approved by the reviewers or rejected by them. Reviewers may request further revisions.

Step Seven: Final Opinions by the Reviewers and Approval by the Editorial Board

If the author's revisions are fully approved by the reviewers, the manuscript will be considered by the editorial board for final approval. If approved, the certificate of acceptance will be issued by the editor-in-chief of the quarterly.