1 Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Law, University of Qom, Qom, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Tehran, College of Farabi, Qom, Iran


To regulate the framework of the law of international responsibility, the International Law Commission (ILC) recognizes two methods of attribution; Independent Responsibility (responsibility of the wrongful state or international organization) and Derivative Responsibility (responsibility of states or international organizations in connection with the act of another state or international organization). However, the mentioned concepts, which have not been explored in Persian literature to the full extent, bear ambiguities on certain issues. The present paper reviews both institutions, studies their emergence by evaluating ILC documents, scrutinizes their origins and ultimately while reaching the conclusion that derivative responsibility is supplementary to independent responsibility, it notes cooperation, moralism, accountability and recognition of international organizations as active actors of international community, as the most vital contributing factors to its establishment as well as its increasingly important status. Needless to say, the growing regard for the mentioned aspects of derivative responsibility, furthermore necessitates its existence as a means to secure justice.


الف) فارسی
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