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2 MA., Faculty of Law and Political Science, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran


Communities’ health has always been a major concern for every government but without an effective legal framework, protection of community health is not possible. It should be noted that governments have a lot of authorities in the field of public health. These authorities allow them to modify, enact and implement the relevant legislations. America's health care system has identified and classified rules and every day the types and numbers of therapists and independent and affiliated government agencies are added. Despite the few numbers of these rules, they have addressed the health of American citizens comprehensively. The competent regulators of the health sector should, while respecting and considering the considerations, have a comprehensive, coherent, holistic and purposeful approach to ensure the public health of citizens and as a result, to increase their level of satisfaction. Since the US is often regarded being in the vanguard of the health regulation and health policymaking in the world, we endeavor to study its laws, regulations and policies in this article.


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