Assistant Prof., Faculty of Humanities, University of Semnan, Semnan, Iran


Labor law emerged to protect workers after the industrial revolution and soon found international aspects too. International Labor Organization (ILO) was recognized as the main organ for the protection of workers' rights at international level. The organization found it necessary to supervise the implementation of labor regulations and attempted to design a legal system for this purpose. It is clear that without taking appropriate measures toward employers’ violations, passing labor standards would not be meaningful. Consequently, the labor inspection system was developed as one of the most important parts of the labor law. In Iran, health and labor inspectors are responsible for implementing laws and regulations and have powers and duties in this regard. This article attempts to answer this question: to what extent the powers and duties of labor inspectors in Iran compatible with International Labor Organization standards. Results show although these two systems are similar, but some obscurity concerning inspector’s powers reduce the efficiency of labor inspection in Iran. Final remarks provide proposals to solve the problem.


1. فارسی
الف) کتاب‌ها
سپهری، محمدرضا و همکاران (1392). مقاوله‌نامه‌های بین‌المللی کار، تهران: انتشارات مؤسسۀ کار و تأمین اجتماعی.
عراقی، سید عزت‌الله (1392). حقوق کار، جلد اول، ویراست چهارم، تهران: انتشارات سمت.
مؤسسۀ کار و تأمین اجتماعی (1391). مجموعۀ قوانین و مقررات کار و تأمین اجتماعی، جلد اول (قوانین کار)، تهران: انتشارات مؤسسۀ کار و تأمین اجتماعی.
ون‌ریشتافن، ولفگانگ (1387). بازرسی کار، راهنمای حرفه‌ای، ترجمۀ مهدی کاظمی، انتشارات مؤسسۀ کار و تأمین اجتماعی.
2. انگلیسی
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