1 Prof., Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

2 Ph.D. Student in International Law, Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


In the facing of the Syrian refugees crisis, the European Union has tried to coherence the member states approaches by setting a common asylum system and to transfer the responsibility burden to the third countries by the out-sourcing policy. The legal basis of determination of the international protection and its inclusion, is based on the international and European treaties. In this descriptive-analytical article we have analyzed these documents and legal principles deprived from them. We also have checked the judicial procedures of the European courts, in the guarantee of the rights originated from the international and regional commitments of the member states. What can be deducted of the induction in those resources is that the Europeans reaction to this crisis is different and in some cases conflicted, mainly because of the influence of the variables such as quantity, age, gender, and the national legislation and political system of the European countries. And fundamental reforms, both in decision-making and legislation system, is necessary, such as creating common legal system based on the European human rights norms, accelerating the process of analyzing the refugee requests and facilitating of its granting conditions, and refraining of the safe countries procedure despite in special situations.


1. فارسی
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2. انگلیسی
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