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Necessity of protecting the Constitution, as the supreme law at the top of the legal principles pyramid, stresses the need for establishment of the constitutional courts to ensure this order. Due to the differences between the legal systems in the world, their types of proceedings are different as well. Ensuring compliance of the ordinary laws with the constitution and supporting the basic rights and freedoms of the people are the main duties of this organization. The present article studies verdicts of the constitutional courts in a number of countries in order to explain role of the constitutional magistrates in development of the people’s basic rights. Accordingly, the people’s right of complaining about violation of their personal rights to the constitutional magistrate, the magistrates’ interpretation, a priory control, and publishing the decisions play an essential role in this regard. In other words, the constitutional magistrate is like a switchman that keeps the train of constitutional laws in its real track and does not let the public authorities to deviate it.


1. فارسی
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2. انگلیسی
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