Assistant Professor, Department of Law, University of Zabol, Zabol, Iran


Border conflicts between states along the water like the lands are various and controversial.
In most of these conflicts islands are present and differences opinion in the way of influence on delimitations would prevent the states to reach an agreement. Not reaching an agreement would provide a background to determine applicable laws on the subject and would lead the states to arbitral and judicial courts. The articles of the Law of the Sea Convention are too few in order to determine the rules which are regulate maritime zone delimitation between opposite or adjacent states. There are also no regulations in terms of the role of islands in this process.
Instead, international jurisprudence have tried to fill this gap. This article aims to find the given effect to the islands in international arbitral and judicial Judgments and awards, and discuss and analyze the side taken by these courts and tribunals. The methodology of this research is descriptive-analytical which was done with the help of library sources


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