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1 Ph.D. Student, of Public law.Faculty of law, theology, and Political science. law Islamic Azad University, college of research and science. Tehran, Iran

2 Professor, Public law Department. Faculty of law and political sciences, university of Tehran ,Tehran, Iran


The concept of development has had a great influence on the social-political system of all countries and public economic laws. These effects have shown themselves in the form of freedom, government and market failures, the birth of the institution, and various methods of government intervention. These influences can be overcome by modern developmental attitudes towards the classical principles of public economic law. This article will explain the conceptual and structural foundations of development in the traditional and structural approach and to analyze its effects on the State and the methods of intervention, focusing on economic development in the modern (institutional) approach in the field of public economic law to the analysis of method and review types of government intervention. And it will answer the question about government intervention and policies whether the development system is faced with shortcomings and requires government intervention or is it possible to repair everything and do not need government intervention?


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