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1 Associate Prof., Department of International Law, Isfahan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran.

2 Associate Prof., Law, Department ,University of Isfahan , Isfahan, Iran.

3 Ph.D. Researcher in International and Public Law, Department of Law, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran


Outer space is a kind of space which begins with the last point of the upper airspace of territory of any country and consists of the moon and other celestial bodies. The law of outer space has also consisted of laws on exploring and exploiting this space. One of the activities considered by human beings since the beginning of access to space until now has been the discussion of commercial activities and consequently the protection of intellectual property rights related to these activities in this area. Patent and copyright in space activities have an important role in the further development of space commercialization. It is clear that the process of development and innovative ideas in space will continue to human products with every growing potential to take advantage of the special opportunities offered by the space environment. Therefore, the question arises as to what approach international space law has in relation to intellectual property and whether it has anticipated and dealt with it or not? It should be said that the international law of space, just as it did not deal directly with commercial activities, did not directly address the issue of intellectual property of commercial activities but only dealt with it implicitly.


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