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1 Ph.D. student in Private Law, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Law Department, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


The "negation of domination” rule is one of the principles that has had great impact on decisions and policies in Islamic society. The negation-of-domination rule significantly influences relations between the government of an Islamic state and foreign states as it effevtively bans any relationship that leads to foreign dominance over Muslims. Nonetheless, this rule has exceptions that allow a Muslim state to have relations with the international community. The Iranian legislature, for its part, has used the negation-of-domination rule to prevent foreign dominance. As for the compatibility of this rule with international standards such as the principles of non-intervention or sovereign equality, it should be noted that there are sometimes apparent contradictions between this rule and the said standards. In such cases the non-dominance of foreigners over Muslims prevails.


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