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Assistant Prof, Department of jurisprudence and the foundations of Islamic law group , Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


 Sadi should be considered more than a poet or literary man; he also is a great scientist, scholar and jurisprudent. Based on holy Quran and Ahlolbeyt's (P.B.U.H) teachings he has created a prism in terms of prose and poetry as a monument. Works of Sadi cover comprehensive teachings which are to be considered in different aspects. This research is an endeavor to make an understanding of Sadi's law thoughts which are less known. It is possible to find many law topics, issues and details in the works of Sadi related to the constitutional law, administrative law, criminal laws and procedural law which are in a good and high harmony with the Islamic jurisprudence and law system. The result of this research show his works topics, issues and various legal points in the field of fundamental rights, the Court and administrative law, criminal law and procedure that high compliance with the legal and judicial systems and laws of Islam and accordingly legal thoughts Saadi is explained.


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