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1 Ph.D. Student in Public Law, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasghan), Isfahan, Iran

2 Assistant Prof in Department of Public Law, Faculty of Human Science, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasghan), Isfahan, Iran


Having an efficient system of administration is considered a priority in every country. Planning to achieve such a system in any society brings about various experiences. Several measures have been taken in Iran as it is emphasized in the constitution; however, achieving the desired perfection is influenced by several factors including the degree of free access to the employment facts and instruments. Furthermore, one group of the administrative instruments closely associated with the right of citizenship is the facts and instruments concerned with employment. For this purpose, the present study investigates the status of the right of having free access to employment instrument and facts using an analytical-descriptive methodology. The findings of the study in investigating the confidentiality system of rights in Iran indicated that instruments and facts concerned with employment is not included in “the law of publicizing and free access to facts”. But the requirements of the characteristics of this ministry in the field of security, Keeps employment instruments and information confidential and out of the reach of the public. Nevertheless, should be considered at the level of necessity and minimum in confidentiality to consider the rules of free access rights for beneficiaries in the rules of free access to facts.


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