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Assistant Prof., Department of Law, Islamic Azad University, Ilam Branch, Ilam, Iran


The discourse of good governance in the field of public law and international law is one of the new topics in the administration of the country, which is initially defined as the exercise of political, economic and administrative power to manage public affairs at all levels in a good, efficient and appropriate manner. However, this new concept neither among academics nor domestic and international bodies has clear definition, dimensions or territory. Each definition usually looks at some aspects of it, and finally it is not clear what effects and Elements it has. There is also disagreement about its legal nature. Among the international bodies, the European Court of Human Rights has one of the most prominent case law in recognizing and explaining good governance, which itself has gradually evolved. Examining the procedure of the court, while giving a better understanding of the concept of good governance, shows that the concept of good governance has been developed in the case law of the ECtHR and has been introduced as a legal principle with binding obligations and specific dimensions and areas. To the extent that in the light of that case law, provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights, which make no reference to good governance, have also been developed.


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