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1 Assistant Professor, University of Alzahra, Tehran, Iran

2 Ph.D. in International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Allameh Tabataba'i, Tehran, Iran

3 PHD Student, Mofid University, Qom, Iran


The legal status of Gaza as an Occupied Territory is the subject of discussions of various academic circles as well as national and international judicial procedures. Considering these issues, the present article seeks to answer the question of whether departure of Zionist regime's forces from Gaza mean the end of the occupation of the Zionist regime? In answer to this question, the present paper, which has been written with a descriptive-analytical approach and using library resources and valid international judicial documents and procedures, is based on the assumption that Which is based on standard of "effective control" and analysis of the components of this standard, which has played a significant role in the conceptual development of occupation in the international arena It can be proved the occupation of the Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime After the departure of the Israeli armed forces from this area in 2005, Created the assignments of that regime as an occupier based on international law.


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